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05/28/20 at 4:44am.
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Dear Respected Musicians,
I've started a new classification groups for members of Egyptian bands...
The band name will be displayed instead of your rank (Shit-Head, Metal-head, etc...) so it will be easier for forum members to know who you are. Also, your name & your band name will be added to EMSF Band Members Listing Topic to make it easier for the fans to reach you & it will allow them to contact any band member whether to ask him/her about any question, fan mail, congratulations, any comments about their performance or any requests of anykind.
Only rule: You should have perfomed with your band in one gig at least to be allowed for this classification. (any gig not only metal gigs)
If u want to be included in this classification, please change ur "Display Name" to match ur real name (for easier identification) and if u still want to keep ur nickname you could put it in between hard edged brackets like these [ ] next to ur real name. Then PM (Personal Message) Bombest with ur acceptance to be included in this classification, also don't forget to put the name of the band u play with and ur ex-bands if u performed with them on stage before.
I know some of the musicians who are here on this forum but i won't add them to this classification until they send me a PM with their acceptance.
Also, I encourage u to tell your band-mates about this forum and asking them to join us... as this is the Egyptian musicians portal to share their thoughts, opinions & to discuss any issue with their fans.  
Moreover, this forum might add more fans to ur band.
To band members: Thank You for being here with us.
Best Regards,
Admin of EMS Forum
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