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05/25/20 at 6:35am.
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KORN To Begin Writing New Album Today (Read 600 times)

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KORN To Begin Writing New Album Today
« on: 10/02/06 at 2:47pm »
KORN will begin writing material today (Monday, October 2) for the follow-up to last year's "See You on the Other Side" album, singer Jonathan Davis revealed in a posting on his web site. "[I] can't wait," he said. "I know it's gonna be insane the band is really on fire and have some phat s*** to record."
Jonathan Davis recently told Launch Radio Networks that he is considering going on his first solo tour sometime in the next few months, after the band finishes recording its eighth studio album. Davis told Launch that he wants to play casinos with the four backing musicians who accompanied KORN on the road this year, performing a mix of acoustic KORN songs, soundtrack numbers and covers. "I really wanna do it," he said. "It should just be fun. I have fun playing with those guys 'cause they're really, they're all professionals, and I think we could do some cool shows. It will also be like, it could be billed as 'A Night with Jonathan Davis.' It's not gonna be KORN or nothing like that, so it's gonna be cool. I wanna do some cool, like, lounge-y Vegas stuff. It'll be cool for diehard fans."
KORN released an expanded edition of its seventh album, "See You on the Other Side", on September 26. The new version includes a "Chopped And Screwed" remix EP, cuts from the band's acoustic AOL Music session, live tracks, a bonus DVD and alternate artwork.  
The band recently finished headlining the revived Family Values Tour, which also featured DEFTONES, STONE SOUR, 10 YEARS and others. A CD/DVD document of the trek is expected out by December.
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Re: KORN To Begin Writing New Album Today
« Reply #1 - on: 10/03/06 at 1:26am »
good news...but i don't think that they will make an album like the old ones..
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Re: KORN To Begin Writing New Album Today
« Reply #2 - on: 11/26/06 at 8:47pm »
I hope its going to be like a old album, if it doesn't it will suck.
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Re: KORN To Begin Writing New Album Today
« Reply #3 - on: 11/26/06 at 11:34pm »
well is that important  Huh , i mean it's just KORN who gives a shit  undecided undecided
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Re: KORN To Begin Writing New Album Today
« Reply #4 - on: 11/29/06 at 1:22am »
gotta agree wid necromancer.... its great to know koRn are writin nu stuff.. but old "issues" koRn will never be back..  cry
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