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Aborted - New album 2007 (Read 210 times)
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Aborted - New album 2007
« on: 01/01/07 at 4:01am »
Aborted - Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture 2007
Will reales on February 20th, 2007  
The album features guest apperances by Jeff Walker (Carcass), Jacob Bredahl &  
Henrik Jacobsen (Hatesphere).  
Drums recorded by David Haley (Psycroptic).  
1. The Chondrin Enigma  
2. A Methodical Overture  
3. Avenious  
4. The Spaying Sťance  
5. And Carnage Basked In It's Ebullience  
6. The Foul Nucleus Of Resurrection  
7. Archetype  
8. Ingenuity In Genocide  
9. Odious Emanation  
10. Prolific Murder Contrivance  
11. Underneath Rorulent Soil
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