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05/25/20 at 7:04am.
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Hatesphere - To Enter The Studio Next Week (Read 230 times)

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Hatesphere - To Enter The Studio Next Week
« on: 01/04/07 at 6:51am »
Danish Death/Thrash metallers Hatesphere have issued the following update via the band's official website:
"Have a good new year - don't blow yourselves up! We will do that for you with our new album next year on April 27th and April 30th. Until then, go buy the new German Metal Hammer - there is a DVD with 15 minutes of Danish Metal with your own Jacob and friends.
We will start recording the new album on the 5th of January - and we will of course keep you updated with pictures, videoclips and reports etc. The drums will be recorded with our old friend Tommy Hansen in his Jailhouse Studios in Horsens, Denmark. Guitars, bass and vocals will be done in Jacobs Smartīnīhard Studios here in Aarhus, while Tue Madsen will do the mix at his Antfarm Studio."
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