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08/16/22 at 12:25pm.
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chatroom again (Read 1360 times)

rock on!

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chatroom again
« on: 02/05/07 at 6:50pm »
man its 2007 and its been more than a year since the forum began and how about makin a chatroom now? there are 800 members on this forum, and there will be people online for sure anytime. how about that bombest?
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Re: chatroom again
« Reply #1 - on: 02/05/07 at 9:34pm »
800 members. about a handfull who actually feel like posting.
Besides, we can barely stand each other anyway.
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Re: chatroom again
« Reply #2 - on: 02/06/07 at 12:22am »
good idea
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